Yin On Trading Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for epoxy ductile and steel pipes in Hong Kong and our factory is located in Panyu China, which is only approximately 50km away from Hong Kong. We have been in the market as a stockist for more than 10 years and our products have been used in some of the best-known structures in Hong Kong and Macau, such as the KaiTak Developments, HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and Liantang Development..etc.

In addition to epoxy steel pipe, we provide a full range of products from pipes, tubes, fittings, valves, pre-fabricated products, and analytical instruments to PE pipe jointing machines and solvent cement to a variety of demanding market segments.  Our people deliver an in-depth understanding of industry specific issues and strong technical expertise to your projects. Additionally, we will supply you with an extensive choice of products with a wide range of sizes. Setting industry standards for high quality, our products are produced in the shortest cycle times so we can deliver your pipe and tube solutions as soon as you need them.

The materials of our products are available in ductile, PE, carbon steel, galvanized steel, uPVC and stainless steel. All products are conformed to British and other major national standards (ISO, ASTM, JIS, EN, BSEN, etc.)

The source of our strength is our people.  We draw on our people's knowledge, experience, and unparalleled commitment to serve your needs every day. Likewise, our continued investments in facilities and systems give us the strength to deliver, both in robust markets and in ever-changing times


Factory, Panyu China
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